Even before they ever spoke they sang together, at a session in Irish pub Mulligans in Amsterdam. Now Sophie Janna and Margot Merah tour all around the world with their reinvigorating repertoire of Scottish, Irish and American folk and intimate self-penned songs. Their strong harmonies, unaffected vocals and choice of songs makes them a sought after duo in the international folk scene. The past few years saw them tour the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, England, the United States, Canada and Japan. The Lasses love to sing in churches, living rooms and intimate folk clubs, but their charm makes them feel equally at home at a large festival stage. Accompanying themselves on bodhrán, tenor ukulele and guitar, the unique blend of the women’s voices always takes the center stage. Their fourth album 'Undone' is released in October 2019.

“Sublime harmonies” -fRoots
“Superb” -Irish Music Magazine

"A beautiful ode to the human voice" -Blues 'n Roots corner
“Balsam for the soul” -Rootstime.be

"I have been a friend and a fan of the Lasses for some years now.
I love the way they sing, and love the way they are.
And it makes me happy that they are being recognised for the love and the talent they possess."
- Luka Bloom

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