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It’s winter all over again
Dark and cold over again
Though there’s beauty in snow, I know
It will all melt away, I know


Winter all over again
Daffodils hiding again
I was sure the cracks were mending
I could feel my heart expanding, to you
Winter all over again

You can try and catch a snowflake and I do
But try and hold it close it disappears, just like you

Winter all over again
I suggest you’re staying in
I can’t tell you when it’s over
If you’ll ever be my lover again
Winter all over again

(©Sophie Janna/Margot Merah)


Hanging 'round

Well you treated me bad
You chased her away
You said you wanted me back
But that never stayed
You want to make up your mind
But you never do
And all of this time
I’ve been waiting for you


I’m not hanging ’round 'round no more
I’m not hanging ’round 'round no more

’cause there’s birds on the line
And spring in the air
And it’s about time
That I started to care
About something that’s golden
Something that’s free
Something that’s precious
And right next to me

So hello darling
Don’t you look fine
Would you like to go walking
Lose track of the time
Lose track of the evening
Lose track of the stars
Lose track of the ending
In each other’s arms

(©Timothy Hull)

Love has gone

She is leaving the city behind her
Headed towards the mountains out on the west
He is grieving 'cause he knows he'll never find her
Though he promised he loved her the best
Yeah he promised he loved her the best


There were the parties and there were the people
Ballgowns and breakdowns in a town that doesn't sleep
Want to be a big star but he wouldn't let her too far
She was a promise he intended to keep
She was a promise he intended to keep

Love has gone gone gone, gone beyond her
And the days grow short but the nights they grow longer
And the west wind rocks her to sleep with a song singing
layla layla love has gone gone gone
layla layla love has gone


There were the glances, late night romances
She stayed at home waiting up through the night
Her bed grew colder and her eyes grew older
She said I gotta leave here before the morning light
I've got to pack my bags and leave before the morning light


'Cause loving or leaving I don't know which one is harder
You're just so good at making me stay
All of those vows they mean nothing now
I'll be at the ocean at the end of the day
I'll be at the ocean at the end of the day


(© Kathryn Claire)



Hold on tight or please untie the rope
Cry and fly to freedom or never give up hope
Open up the locks and let te water flow
Where’s the sign from up above to let me know


Bittersweet, pictures in my head
Bittersweet the bumpy road ahead
Bittersweet clouds that block the sun
Bittersweet, bittersweet, the things that are to come


What about the things we’re loosing
What about what’s right and what is wrong
What about the path we’re choosing
When to stop the fight and when to move along


If only we could tell our future
Than we needn’t be so sad
We could see the thing we’d gain
By letting go of what we had


(© Margot Merah)



I remember the first time you came to my door
And I told you all my heart was pouring out
I was worrying about the guy that I lived with at the time
And you laughed so loud you chased my fears away
That was thirty months ago in a place I left below
When I followed you all this way


I’ll be home before nightfall and I’ll sleep in your bed
And I dream of all the things we'll never have
I will take my lead from you I will jump in if you do
And I realize how fortunate I am
That I get to call you my friend


And we hear the freight train in the morning
When lightning is coloring the sky
And the cedars in the yard are a million miles apart
And the rain falls but everything stays dry


There's a river and it's called the Colorado
And it flows where no riverboat can go
But you know that you and me like the water we are free
So please let me lighten your load


(© Sophie Janna)

Horo Johnny

Horo Johnny won't you come home soon
The winter's coming and I'm all alone
A candle's burning in my window love
And the wild geese they are flying home


A young man's love is something to behold.
First it burns and then it soon turns cold.
He'll whisper in the moonlight and your hand he'll hold,
Then he'll vanish with the morning dew


He'll court you in the meadow in the summertime.
When first you love, it is the sweetest time.
He'll promise you a golden ring and then one day
He will vanish with the morning dew.

You'll be waiting for his footsteps in the lonely room
Listen by the window. He'll be coming soon.
Your heart it will be breaking by the early morn.
For he'll vanish with the morning dew.

***We do not own the copyright to these lyrics, written by Sean McCarthy. If the rightful owners tell us to do so, we will take them down immediately.***

Island Man

The Island man is waving
waving us goodbye
His lips they are a smiling
teardrop in his eye

You think that you are lonely
you've got a friend
We know what you are feeling
we understand



And when the birds go silent
and storms come rolling on
Plunge into the darkness
and turn it into song

Times your spirit wanders
tims you soul roams
Be sure to find us in the tall grass
your song will bring us home



I'm right beneath the surface
shivering just like you
Beachglass grows weary
but the light still shines through


You think that you are lonely
You've got a friend


(© Margot Merah and Sophie Janna)

Craigie Hill

It being in spring and the small birds they were singing
Down by a shady arbour I carelessly did stray
Thrushes they were warbling
And violets they were charming
For to hear two lovers talking a while I did delay


She said, "My love, don't leave me, for yet another season
Though fortune may be pleasing I'll come along with you
I'll forsake friends and relations and leave this Irish nation
And to the bonnie Bann banks forever I'll bid adieu"


He said, "My love, don't grieve me or yet annoy my patience
You know I love you dearly although I'm going away
I'm going to some foreign nation to purchase a plantation
For to comfort us hereafter all in America."


So fare thee well, sweet Craigie Hill, where ofttimes I have wandered
I never thought in my childhood I'd part you any more
But we're sailing on the ocean for honour and promotion
And the bonny boat's sailing way down by Doorin shore


Traditional song, arrangements by Margot Merah and Sophie Janna


The Cuckoo

Oh the cuckoo she's a pretty bird, and she warbles as she flies
But she never says Cuckoo till the 4th day of July


I'm gonna build me a log cabin on the mountain so high
So I can see my darling as he goes passing by

I've played cards in England, and I've played cards in Spain
And I beat you all over this wide world and I will beat you once again.

Jack of diamonds, jack of diamond I've known you of old
you have robbed my poor pocket of their silver and their gold

Traditional, arrangements by Kathryn Claire, Sophie Janna and Margot Merah

That Lesson


I'll admit, it's time to leave
I needed away from here
It was great my dear but I have to run


So fun, we'll do it again
A kiss on the cheek that how they know where we've been
We've been far far away, couldn't we stay

Teach me that lesson, just one more time
I've almost got the answer, almost memorize the line
Ask me the question, don't let me lie
I'll tell you the truth, I'll look you straight in the eye
At least I'll try


There's time, there's time to sit with it all
I am not ready to fall
I wanna fly, and catch a piece of that sky
I wanna fly


From this height, there's no cars there's no crowds
It's hard to tell the mountains from the clouds
a certain moment of peace, before we release


(© Kathryn Claire)

Grey Funnel Line

I don't mind the rain or the rolling see
The weary night never worries me
But the hardest time in a sailors
Is to watch the sun as it dies away
Here's one more day on the Grey Funnel Line


The widest ship that sails the sea
Is still a prison for the likes of me
But give me wings like Noah's dove
And I'll sail up harbor to the girl I love
Here's one more day on the Grey Funnel Line

Oh lord if dreams were only real
I'd put my hand on that wooden wheel
And with all my heart I'd turn her 'round
And tell the boys that we're homeward bound
Here's one more day on the Grey Funnel Line

I'll pass the time like some machine
Until blue water turns to green
And I'll dance on down that walk ashore
And sail the Grey Funnel Line not more
And sail the Grey Funnel Line no more


Traditional, arrangements by Sophie Janna, Margot Merah and Kathryn Claire.

Lyrics - Live at De Parel van Zuilen

Hanging 'round
Love has gone
Horo Johnny
Island Man
Craigie Hill
The Cuckoo
That Lesson
Grey Funnel Line
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